Welcome to CDMS Atlantic: Commercial Diving & Marine Services. Our business began with humble beginnings in Sydney, Nova Scotia, as the dive shop known as Scuba Tech. Until the founding of Scuba Tech in 1991, no such service existed in the greater Cape Breton area. Founded by Ken Jardine, who is a former military ships diver, the desire and passion for diving led Ken to open Cape Breton’s first full service SCUBA shop. As time passed and the diving industry progressed, Scuba Tech was presented with an opportunity to explore greater diving aspects in the commercial industry, as commercial diving was becoming more and more in demand. This created the foundation of our transition from a recreational diving shop to a full service Commercial Diving and Marine Services company.

Further transition took place in early 2015, and to better reflect the services offered as a Commercial Diving and Marine Services company, the business was given the new operating name of CDMS Atlantic: Commercial Diving and Marine Services. CDMS Atlantic is now owned and operated by Kensen Jardine, who recently assumed this position from his father, Ken. As a young child, Kensen would describe himself as being “raised in a dive shop” and was a certified diver at the young age of 11. He began working in the dive shop for Ken at the age of 15. Kensen has further examined the modern diving industry and has provided a fresh new approach to the services provided by CDMS, while continuing our commitment to providing cost-effective, professional diving and marine services to our clients, paying particular attention to our commitment to safety and ensuring your needs as our customer are met. As we often say, “If it needs to be done on the water, in the water, or around the water, we can do it.”